Finding and picking up the best weapons in Apex Legends Ranked Leagues, especially in the current Season 8 meta, will always play an important role in getting you and your team to the top.

The Apex Legends’ Ranked playlist can prove to be a difficult job, changing its pace compared to the standard mode; especially for newcomers. Even if you are an experienced player playing in the higher ranks, Apex can always offer you a challenge.

As with other Battle Royales, it’s also important in Apex to stick to the meta and use the weapons used by the best, especially in Ranked.


The R-301 is by far the most versatile and reliable weapon in the game. If you’re someone who wants a gun that can perform at any range, the R-301 is for you.

This weapon is especially good for rankings as it can be used in a variety of ways depending on what your secondary weapon is. Suppose you have a longer range sniper, the R-301 is great for close to medium range combat. What if you run a shotgun? The R-301 can also be deadly from a distance, especially with a 3x scope and the anvil receiver hop-up.

The only downside to the R-301 is that you don’t have an extensive light magazine with it, as the rate of fire and base magazine of 18 bullets let you constantly reload. Still, it’s worth holding onto until you finally find that elaborate magazine because once you deck it out, it’s easily the best weapon in Apex Legends Ranked.


Spitfire LMG

The Spitfire is also one of the best weapons in Apex Legends Ranked, mainly due to its massive magazine size.

With a base magazine of 35 bullets, even without an extensive magazine, the spitfire will fire for days. After the most recent patch, the Spitfire has been increased from 18 to 19 damage per bullet. While this doesn’t seem like a huge difference, it has greatly increased the viability of this weapon and put it among the best weapons in Apex.

In addition to its magazine size, the Spitfire is also a great tool for longer range suppression. With easy-to-control recoil and the ability to add longer ranges like the 3x, the Spitfire can deal massive amounts of damage from greater distances.

While it’s not the best at close range and you’ll get caught by shotguns and SMGs like the Volt during close combat, the Spitfire can perform mid-range and handle hipfire very well. Combine this weapon with a shorter-range shotgun, such as the Eva-8, and you’ll be successful.


G7 Scout

The G7 has been one of the best weapons in Apex Legends since its release. With a very strong damage output from longer distances and most importantly, mid-range, the G7 has the potential to match any weapon no matter what position you are in.

While the G7 is a semi-automatic weapon, its rate of fire is surprisingly high, especially when you consider how much damage it can do. Headshots are important with this weapon, compared to the body, the G7 practically doubles its damage when aiming for the head.

The G7 is also very powerful without the best attachments yet fairly easy to handle without a stock or loop stabilizer. This makes for a great pairing with the R-301 covering all ranges and situations as you just need to focus on getting the G7 to perform well.

Take triple

Triple Take Sniper

The Triple Take has truly taken its place as the best sniper in Apex Legends this season and continues to perform with the built-in precision choke change from season 6.

Unlike all other snipers, the Triple Take’s value comes in its ability to kill at close range. Even if you don’t use the precision choke function, using it from the hip up close can be deadly and do even more damage than shotguns.

The Triple Take’s ability to be used at long range, dealing 138 damage when all three bullets hit a headshot, is really where this weapon shines. However, what makes this weapon top tier and one of the best you can acquire in Apex’s Ranked Leagues is how versatile it can be in mid to close combat.


Fulfilled SMG

Finally, we have the Volt, an energy-like SMG that impresses. Since its introduction in Season 6, the Volt has been a dominant short-range weapon capable of performing even at medium range, similar to the R-99.

The reason the Volt is on this list above the R-99 is due to the fact that the R-99 has taken some nerfs in the last few patches, taking the Volt to the top. It does the same job as the R-99, destroying enemies at close range if you can stay on target.

However, what makes it the best SMG option in the game is the damage difference. The Volt does 15 damage per bullet, while the R-99 only deals 11. Don’t miss how good this weapon is right now as you never know what meta changes are coming in the future seasons.

This difference in damage, as well as the plain iron sights, is exactly why the Volt is the best short range SMG option in the game. Pair this weapon with the Triple Take, G7 or Spitfire to cover those shorter ranges.

These weapons should help you on your Ranked journey in Apex Legends. This is a guide, of course, and if your weapon of choice isn’t among them, don’t let it stop you from using it. Now that you have the best weapons, check out the best landing sites in Apex Legends Season 8.

Image Credits: Apex Legends

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