Top Streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCSBest known for playing battle royale games, Kolcheff has been part of the target support debate, saying Warzone’s target support is stronger than Fortnite’s.

Ever since crossplay became commonplace in online FPS games, mainly battles against royales, the power of aim assist has been debated. A controller’s joysticks don’t offer the same precision as a mouse, so games balance this with aim assistance.

NICKMERCS has long been a premier esports competitor using a controller. Having used a controller competitively since the Gears of War days, his goal has continued to pave the way for success in both competitive Fortnite and Warzone.

During a Fortnite stream with SypherPK, NICKMERCS discussed how aim assist differs between Warzone and Fortnite, believing that Warzone’s is stronger.

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“I think Target Assistance is stronger in Call of Duty,” he said. “ It used to be stronger on Fortnite, but they’ve made so many changes over the years to focus help on Fortnite that I now believe it’s stronger on Call of Duty. I play on both and aim assist on CoD is crazy. “

However, NICKMERCS explained why, while weaker, Fortnite’s target aid is more reliable.

“The problem with Call of Duty Target Assist, which you don’t really have to deal with on Fortnite, is that Call of Duty Target Assist just goes away,” explained Nick. “You’re in the middle of a fight in the middle of nowhere and you just lose aiming help.

On [Fortnite]It’s consistent all the way so you don’t have to worry about that, you know what I mean? Not only is it top Super, it’s all these weird boxes with no aiming help. It’s so weird. “

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NICKMERCS concluded by saying that he believes aim assist is “stronger on Call of Duty, but also less consistent.”

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Image Credit: SCUF / Activision / Epic Games

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