Warzone Season 2 Reloaded brought the Advanced UAV to Containment Monitor’s buying stations, and YouTuber JGOD has explained in depth why this new range is better than the triple UAV.

It has been known in Warzone for some time that if you summon three UAVs at once, you will receive an “Advanced UAV” for about 40 seconds. However, this will not work as a true advanced UAV, as players with the Ghost perk will not show up if they are nearby.

As YouTuber JGOD shows, a triple UAV will reveal every player on the map with directional arrows, but once you get within 250 yards of a Ghosted player, they will no longer appear on the map.

The triple UAV is especially useful for knowing the safe areas of the map, or finding out where many players are in high kill games.

With the Mid-Season 2 update of Warzone, advanced UAVs came to the new Containment Monitor Stations in bunkers and missile silos. These powerful streaks used to be found in enclosed bunkers along with the Foresight benefit, but now they can be purchased for $ 12,000 of the upgraded sales stations.

After you buy the Advanced UAV, you can take it with you like a regular killstreak, which already gives it a small advantage over the triple UAV method.

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The benefits go even further, with JGOD explain how the advanced UAV “shows every player on the map and there’s nothing anyone can do to counter it once you’ve called it.”

Unlike the triple UAV, once you are within 250 yards of Ghosted players, they appear like a regular UAV point. You cannot see their direction, but the elevation marker next to the dot remains and is just as, if not more, important.

It won’t be long before a full squad saves $ 12,000 for the streak, and JGOD recommends saving it until you’re near the “top 8” players or teams. The circle will be so small that each player’s location is vital, and you can plan your position in the last circle accordingly.

Image Credits: Activision / COD Tracker JGOD

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