Epic’s Reboot a Friend Rewards Initiative is to encourage previous Fortnite players to return to the game and reward them with free goodies. Use our guide to get cool stuff and freebies.

Has Fortnite Battle Royale fatigue started for some of your best online gaming friends? Fear not, because Epic has launched a plan to lure them back with free goodies as gifts.

It’s not the first time Epic has been offering Reboot a Friend, and this latest incarnation has fun stuff that could eventually become exclusive, so it’s imperative that you follow our guide and get them home ASAP.

Plus, you can still earn the rewards even if you and your friends play regularly.

Fortnite Reboot a Friend Rewards Season 6

The aim of the promotion is to earn points to unlock free items that allow you to customize your character. The biggest draw is the 100 points that can be earned for playing a game with a rebooted friend.

The first thing to note is that the 100 point starting promotion can only be offered to players who have been absent from Fortnite for more than 30 daysIf you have played before, you are not eligible for the big bonus.

If you’ve played before, you can still pair with up to three friends to earn points.

To join your teammates and earn points, you must claim these rewards:

  1. Go to Fortnite’s Official Restart a friend’s website
  2. Click Get started and log into your Fortnite account
  3. You can then select up to three friends to join you to earn points
  4. Once you’re all in sync, start playing Fortnite to earn points!

How do I earn points for Reboot a Friend rewards?

So, as we said, if you connected with other players using the method above, you will earn for your first game with a player who has not played for 30 days 100 points

All subsequent games after this, or for players who have no eligible squad members, will earn an extra 10 points per game.

What prizes can I earn with Reboot a Friend in Fortnite Season 6?

fortnite rewards reboots a friend

The whole point of earning points is to unlock cool new items to equip and show to other players.

Here’s all the flashy gear you can unlock to equip:

  • Restart Spray
  • Heart rate turnaround
  • Poisonous Flash Glider
  • Plasma Carrot Pickaxe (2 variants)

Reboot a friend’s start date in Fortnite Season 6

The good news for players eager to get in on the promotion and earn points right away is you can start now.

Restart a friend’s start date 6 April and will finalize 26 April

It’s another cool promotion to keep Season 6 buzzing as fans are already waiting for news about Season 7.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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