Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer offering includes many different and dangerous maps for players to battle. To try and determine their quality, we decided to put them in a tier system and then rank them from worst to best.

Despite the fact that Treyarchs CoD: Black Ops Cold War was initially only launched with eight normal maps (not counting Fireteam maps), it now includes 14 exciting options for housing skirmishes.

Each card generally has something that makes it convey personality, for better or for worse, and we’ve done our best to break them all down and arrange them in ascending order and also list them.

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CoD: Black Ops Cold War: list of map layers

We’ll take a moment to assign an official level to each of the Cold War maps before placing them in order. There’s plenty to chew here, but which ones are the cream of the crop?

Here’s our official list of all Black Ops Cold War maps in alphabetical order:

  • S layer: Crossroads, Moscow, Nuketown ’84, Raid, The Pines
  • A level: Checkmate, garrison
  • B level: Apocalypse, Armada, Express, Miami Strike, Satellite
  • C layer: Cartel, Miami

To explain the system, our S-tier cards are the best of the best, the A level the ones are great, the B level cards are just missing something, and C layer those are not worth your time.

# 14 – Miami

Miami actually has some decent spots, but its lack of visibility is something that simply shouldn’t be overlooked.

It is also extremely open and very large with unused space and many locations that just end up in a weird dead end.

# 13 – Cartel

cartel card cod bocw

Cartel, with or without its giant shrubs, is really missing something. Most games take place in a large ring around the center of the map, and it unfortunately features the hellish eye ulcers that plague most games.

For that reason, it has to stay low on the list even with the Season 2 makeover.

# 12 – Armada

cod bocw armada card

The idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčArmada is probably slightly better than its actual implementation. It sure has a lot of fun moments, especially under-ship skirmishes, but it’s too easy for people in the middle section to catch the other team in their spawn.

We think having three mini ships side by side all interconnected could have resulted in some incredible sniper combat and great maneuverability.

# 11 – Satellite

cod bocw satellite map

There’s something about the Satellite that we can’t quite put our finger on that doesn’t make it any better. Like Armada, it suffers from middle domination.

If you have it it’s great, if you don’t you are in trouble. However, satellite is a cunning little web of intertwined mini-channels that does give you options and has an interesting side channel in the desert.

# 10 – Apocalypse

cod black ops cold war apocalypse

Apocalypse, the latest addition to the Black Ops Cold War portfolio, joined its brother during the major Season 2 update. Apocalypse takes place with the game’s narrative themes and takes place deep in a jungle, and the design is deep in darkness and close combat.

It’s way too easy to get trapped with Apocalypse and there doesn’t seem to be any mid-range combat. You leave a doorway, turn a corner or stare down a canal, and that’s it. There was potential here.

# 9 – Miami Strike

cod black ops cold war miami strike map

After taking on board the criticism of Miami, Treyarch tried to rectify this by identifying its shortcomings and creating a better version of the map.

It’s smaller, allowing for more frequent contact, and the daytime aesthetic makes it a lot easier to see people. The design choices might hold it back, as the action regularly just sticks to the outer parts of the map and it feels just a bit too cluttered and clunky.

# 8 – Garrison

cod bocw garrison card

A Call of Duty style map featuring a large warehouse with tanks all over the place.

All three channels are viable options using the entire map at all times. It’s not spectacular, but not bad either – maybe a bit generic.

# 7 – Express

cod bocw express map

A fan favorite who goes at least one more round in a Call of Duty game. Let’s face it, it has a lot of nostalgia as it comes from the great BLOPS2, but it’s not the most amazing card the franchise has produced.

The novelty of the occasional express train is always hilarious when it hits someone, but it just feels like a truly enclosed map with no center channel. Walkway fights are fun, as are waiting room fights, but Express isn’t as creative as later entries on this list.

# 6 – Checkmate

cod bocw checkmate card

Again, it bears a striking resemblance to Garrison (maybe too much) in that you are in a giant hangar. Only this time, a long plane crashed into the middle of it.

In-plane action is generally 50/50, and it’s anywhere on the plane that the best action takes place around the make or break points.

# 5 – Moscow

cod bocw moscow map

Wherever you spawn in Moscow, it always feels like there are tons of ways to go. There are multiple hot areas for combat including the golden statue, the escalators, and outside with the opposite windows. It’s a great card that’s equally liberating.

It also got a much-needed downsizing that helped tighten it up and improve spawn locations.

# 4 – Nuketown ’84

cod bocw nuketown 84 map

What has not been said? Nuketown already? It’s fast, they’re hectic, less skilled players who can get a high kill count, and it’s just fun mayhem.

The broken spawns are always a painful point, but on a map so small and iconic, it’s easy to ignore.

# 3 – Robbery

cod bocw raid map

It may speak volumes to people that two of the top four are remakes, but what are those remakes!

Raid is aesthetically pleasing all over the map, it’s extremely well designed, and it’s generally decent. You will rarely find someone dominating Raid as it is full of tight turns and many duels that can go both ways.

It’s also hilarious that, as one of CoD’s best cards ever, it actually makes little sense.

# 2 – Intersection

cod bocw intersection map

Just missing out on victory is Crossroads. This card is simply fantastic and a delight that will dominate almost any card mood.

The cover feels perfect and the environment is very volatile, which makes for fun, high-scoring games. The only downside is how exposed the C Flag spawn is: humans can spawn two or three times without getting a chance to blink.

# 1 – The pines

cod bocw the pines card

One of the newest original Call of Duty maps also happens to be the best Black Ops Cold War has to offer. We cannot find fault with this homage to a classic film. It’s just so balanced and interesting.

Whether you’re battling through all the different shops and maintenance zones or taking on dangerous dinner duels, The Pines is an intricately designed masterpiece.

That completes our list. These are the best maps ranked in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Be sure to check out the best weapons in the Cold War!

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Image Credits: Treyarch

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