Apex Legends Season 8 brought some of the biggest changes the Battle Royale has seen in a while, including a reformed Kings Canyon, that’s why we’ve listed all the new best landing spots.

Fans of veteran Apex Legends will remember the map on Solace since the game first launched in February 2019. This was the main setting for the Battle Royale in the early days, and now the developers have brand new map changes to Kings Canyon brought.

The Season 8 update has added explosive culls filled with quality gear, along with a few new POIs. For this reason, you have to choose very wisely where you decide to land, which is why we have listed the best new landing sites in the game.

Best landing spots in Apex Legends Season 8

5. Dappled more

Spotted Lake is a new addition to Apex Legends Season 8, so there’s a lot to discover while exploring this new area. It’s incredibly rich in loot and even has an explosive area nearby that you can pass through, so make sure to collect some grenades to open it.

You won’t find a shortage of gear here, so expect other teams to drop by in search of quality loot as well. While this isn’t one of the busiest locations right now, you can still face a serious battle for the Explosive Hold.

Spotted Lake in Apex Legends Season 8

4. Broken relay

This area is located in the northeast part of the map and has earned its place on this list due to the relatively low amount of player traffic. You go to the small two-story buildings to collect some loot.

We highly recommend landing here before it gets too competitive, and start looting as soon as possible before heading to any of the other nearby POIs like the Rig. You don’t want to get stuck here when a firefight starts.

Broken Relay in Apex Legends Season 8

3. Crash location

This is another new addition in Season 8 and has already become a popular hotspot for Apex players to visit. This is because you can find three Explosive holds nearby, along with a ton of other loot lying around the area.

This location is close to other areas of interest such as Artillery, Spotted Lake and Containment. For this reason, it makes the list of the best landing sites in Apex Legends Season 8.

Crash location in Apex Legends Season 8

2. Artillery

Artillery is a major hotspot for players in Kings Canyon, and Season 8 hasn’t changed that. This is due to the sheer amount of loot scattered around the area that you can collect.

While it’s nowhere near other interesting POIs you can turn to, it makes up for that by being well-stocked, which is why it’s such a popular area for players to visit in the Battle Royale.

As the name implies, you can get your hands on some top-notch weapons, so get in quickly and leave before other players start chasing you.

Artillery in Apex Legends Season 8

1. Storage

Salvage took a spot in King’s Canyon after replacing the Skull Town and Thunderdome POIs that were there. It is a great place to hunt for top quality loot due to its location near the new Mirage Voyage, as well as the Market and Gauntlet areas.

The only downside is that this location is often filled with players due to its proximity to those other areas, so you better be ready for battle. That said, we still recommend landing here if you want to stock up on some high-quality gear.

Salvage on Apex Legends Kings Canyon map

That includes roughly the best landing spots in Apex Legends Season 8. We hope our guide has been helpful to you, and you’ll agree with your choices after jumping into the battle royale.

The reformed map may seem intimidating at first, but that’s just an added incentive to explore and prepare. So get out there and see some Respawn Entertainment waiting for you!

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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